5.0 Golf Putter #3 34" RH



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Dành cho all golfers.
Half moon putter for full pendulum stroke!

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Forgivenessbecome more consistent thanks to perimeter weighting
PrecisionIt's easy to line up your putter thanks to target line marking seen from above
Guarantee2 Years
Technical information

Inesis design process:
All our products are "Liberate your Swing". The key feature our brand works on is to design our products to make you feel at ease to play golf. Developed by the team, tested on the golf course, we further improve our range by using all the customer feedback you send us. Thanks to the chemistry of customer feedback / brand expertise we improve our products to give you greater freedom to play your game!
Product story:
We designed this putter to let golfers play with a half moon shaped putter. Perimeter weighting as well as white target line contrasting with grey make putting more accessible to greatest possible number. This putter is "face balanced" (centred centre of gravity), which is recommended for straight line putting.
It's the details that make the difference:
We have designed a grip with markings to make hand positioning more instinctive. The putter comes with its putter cover, protecting it from other clubs in the bag.
Clubhead features
Putter face is machined to ensure high quality roll after impact. Putter loft is 4°.
Design/ technical information
Clubhead is made from stainless steel. Grip is made from synthetic rubber.

We depend on our golfers to rate and approve our products. We take into account the reviews and ratings given to our products and act on them accordingly. You can therefore review the ratings given to the 5.0 putter below and if you feel like it, why not take part in further developing our products by giving us your feedback.

Stock Advice
Store your putter in a dry place to prevent it from deteriorating.

Care advice
Protect clubhead with putter cover and in damp conditions, remember to wipe the club face before protecting it.