K Hit Alu Adult 30-Inch Baseball Bat - Grey



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Dành cho starting to play baseball once per week. This product is suitable for sports users aged 11 years upwards.
Just starting to play baseball? Our designers have designed this aluminium bat for greater durability and power.

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Lợi ích
DurabilityYour bat will be more durable and last longer thanks to the aluminium.
PowerThe rigidity of the aluminium increases the acceleration of the ball on impact.
Ergonomic gripThe balance of our Kipsta bat improves its handling.
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Thông tin kỹ thuật

30 inches or 76.2cm.
19.75 ounces or around 560g.
Calculating the drop
The drop is the difference between the length and weight (in inches and ounces). The higher the figure and the more above zero it is, the lighter and more manoeuvrable the bat The lower the figure and the close to zero it is, the heavier the bat and the more power it provides.
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Cấu tạo
Bat : 100.0% Aluminium