INESIS Ladies' Golf socks white



Hãy viết cảm nhận sản phẩm đầu tiên!
Dành cho all female golfers playing all year round.
Stylish support all the way down to your toes!

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Lợi ích
Moisture managementventilated piqué knit on top allow your feet to breath.
User comfortTerry towelling footbed adds to comfort.
Fitelasticated band all along foot for a well supported foot.
Abrasion resistanceReinforced thread in areas of friction = heel and toes.
Đặc tính
Available forPink , grey, black, white

Sizes2½-5, 6-7½.

Pack of1 pair.
Thông tin Thiết kế / Công nghệ
Cấu tạo
Socks: 96% Polyamide 6.4% Elastane

Thử nghiệm
We depend on our female golfers to rate and approve our products. We take into account the reviews and ratings given to our products and act on them accordingly. You can therefore review the ratings given to these socks below and if you feel like it, why not take part in further developing our products by giving us your feedback.

Bảo dưỡng
Machine wash at 40°C and tumble dry.