Kids’ compact microfibre bathrobe with hood and belt - china blue



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young swimmers looking for a quick drying pool bathrobe.
Microfibre pool bathrobe that's quick drying, compact in size and highly absorbent!

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Compact designVery compact, light and easy to carry thanks to its storage pouch,
AbsorptionVery effective in drying the body thanks to its excellent absorption properties,
Quick dryingMicrofibre bathrobe dries very quickly after use.
Easy maintenanceMachine washable.Does not tear. Resistant to repeated washing.
Guarantee2 Years

Design/ technical information
88% polyester, 12% polyamide.

Stock Advice
Microfibre pool bathrobe should be stored in a dry place.

Care advice
Microfibre pool bathrobe is machine washable. Do not use fabric conditioner when washing.