Badminton Leisure Net Black




240 000 VND

Badminton Leisure Net Black

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Dành cho playing badminton at school or recreationally, not approved by FFBA.
This badminton net is affordable and perfect for school training sessions or playing with friends.

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Lợi ích
StabilityThe central crossbar connects the two opposite posts to provide stability.
Easy assembly / dismantlingThe net is very quick to set up—takes less than 5 minutes.
Easy transportThis net comes in its own easy-to-carry bag.
Bảo Hành2 năm
Đặc tính
Length6.1 m.

Height60 cm.

Mesh25 mm.
Thông tin Thiết kế / Công nghệ
Cấu tạo
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Thử nghiệm sản phẩm
Tested and approved for its durability by our product engineers at our Techcenter.

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