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Having the right fishing weight fitted to your line increases your chances of catching that fish of a lifetime and at Decathlon, we’ve got a great range of fishing weights to choose from. Whatever your level, we’ve got the fishing shot covered. Available in a choice of shapes and styles, our fishing weights are made by specialists manufacturers to the high standard and uniformity that all anglers demand.

We also offer a great range of high quality fishing swivels will make your angling experience safer and more enjoyable. Fishing swivels consist of two rings connected by a pivot joint, and enable you to connect two lengths of fishing line by tying one to each ring. With one end of the swivel attached to your rod and reel and the other linked to your lure, hook or sinker, you will have a fishing apparatus which is much less likely to twist or tangle. Whether you’re a novice or old hand at angling, we’ve got all the fishing weights you need. Also view our range of rods. 

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