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Can’t find what you’re looking for, or something out of stock? Rest assured it’s on the way. We’re working on making our full range of products available. As we expand our offering, we would love if you could tell us what you’re looking for.  A number of our products are also undergoing compliance tests in Australia.  More details are available here.

Pick up all you need to keep your board in optimum condition with Decathlon’s set of bodyboard accessories. Maintaining your board is crucial, especially if you want to use the same board for the long-term. There are several things that could damage a board. First, most obviously, is picking up dings on the board. This is when the board gets chipped from wear-and-tear. One obvious way to do this is not to drag the board over the sand, and once finished surfing keep the board in a good surf bag. You should also look after the board, applying accessories like board wax when necessary and keeping the board in cool conditions at all times – don’t leave a board in a car exposed to direct sunlight!  We also have a section dedicated to surfboard accessories and leashes.

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