Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop - 65 cm



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Reduced price! Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop - 65 cm
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Made for rhythmic gymnastics.
Light and easy to handle to get off to a good start! Suitable for the Under 8's to Under 12's categories.
Sizes guide

LightweightLight 20 cm diameter PVC tube. Approx. weight of hoop: 235 g.
DurabilityMade to last with the high-density, durable plastic.
Guarantee2 Years
Technical Information

How to choose your rhythmic gymnastics equipment
Rhythmic gymnastics uses five pieces of equipment: ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope. We offer two ranges for each type of equipment: The training range: smaller and lighter to make it easier for youngsters to get to grips with. This range is ideal for gymnasts up to the age of 15. The competition range features slightly larger equipment that complies with official standards. It is therefore just what gymnasts aged 16 and over will need.
What should you wear for rhythmic gymnastics?
For training, shorts or leggings paired with a tank top, crop top or T-shirt will do. For competitions a leotard is a must, with or without a skirt (most often with). And don't forget your toe shoes (not to be confused with dancing toe pads!) which will protect your feet and help you control your movements.
ColourYellow or Purple.

Size65 cm.
Info Concept/ Technology
Frame : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)

Test Product
This hoop has been tested and approved by club gymnasts.

Stock Advise
Store away from any heat sources.
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