120L diving travel bag



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Reduced price! 120L diving travel bag

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Made for SCUBA DIVERS looking for a versatile bag for club use and travel.
Sold with a removable waterproof pocket to separate your dry clothes from your equipment.

lợi ích
Capacity120L wheelie bag (weight: 4.2 kg).
WaterproofingRemovable water retaining pockets to isolate wet equipment for 1 to 2 hours
Flexibility30L pocket to keep dry clothes separate. Backpack carrying.
Abrasion resistanceReinforced shell, zips can be padlocked, protective runners under the bag.
Easy storageOutside wallet pockets.
sự bảo đảm2 năm
thông tin kỹ thuật

The main 90 litre compartment (photo 3) can transport all of your scuba diving or spearfishing equipment (bag fits most free diving fins). On trips, a second 30 litre compartment can be used (slider fastening on pocket, photo 4): it allows you to transport your normal clothes while keeping them isolated from your diving equipment, preventing them from smelling of neoprene.
Baggage allowance on planes is becoming ever smaller (for example, 15 kg on a charter flight to the Red Sea). Therefore our main focus when designing this bag was on its light weight.
Removable waterproof pocket
Fabric pocket for storing your damp equipment after use (wetsuit, life jacket... ). The lack of seams make the pocket watertight, protecting the bottom of your bag or your car boot (depending on the amount of water in your equipment, a small amount could pass through the fabric and get the bottom of your bag slightly damp).
Carry anywhere
The width of the bag is designed to be easily carried on the underground (fits through the turnstiles) or onto a train (fits the width of the train car aisle).
Wallet pocket
Pocket is easily accessible, the bag is designed to be able to reach around it easily. The pocket can hold not only your wallet but also your keys (includes an attached keyring—very handy!) and travel documents (sized to hold a train or aeroplane ticket).
Water bottle pocket
Because it's very important to stay hydrated while diving, a special front pocket has been designed on the main bag and backpack so you can always have a water bottle at hand.
900 denier
Bag base made of higher density fabric than the rest ensures increased resistance to wear on the bottom (the part most susceptible to rubbing).
Lockable zip fasteners
The zip pulls can be padlocked together to lock your bag.
Made by an industry specialist (YKK), anti-corrosion treated. The best way to prevent catching is to use the zip regularly (a bag that has been exposed to sea spray and then not used for a long period of time will catch, regardless of the quality of the zip)
đặc tính
VolumeMore than 80L

ColoursGrey and blue.

Dimensions 120L33 x 42 x 90 cm.
Thông tin / khái niệm / công nghệ
thành phần
Outer fabric: 100% polyester. Lining: 100% polyamide.

lưu trữ bảng
Store away from salt water, humidity and direct sunlight.

Hội đồng bảo trì
Regularly clean zips with clean water to remove salt.
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