Cash On Delivery (COD)

If you choose this payment method, you will pay by cash directly to the delivery staff right after receiving your package. Decathlon accepts this payment method for nation-wide orders.
In case of refund request, Decathlon will refund through the bank account information provided by customers.
*Note: For future data tracking, after the payment, please ask for the receipt from the delivery staff.

Online Payment

Decathlon supports payments for ATM cards from 23 banks. To choose this method, please select ZaloPay gateway in Payment Methods.
You MUST have registered online banking to use this method. After receiving your order, Decathlon will immediately check the payment transaction. Upon success transaction, Decathlon will proceed on information confirmation and complete your order.
The payment is processed by ZaloPay payment gateway, Decathlon does not store any payment information of the customers.


At this time, all the payment transaction is entirely supported FREE by Decathlon.
However, if you are not using cards issued in Vietnam, customers might have to pay an extra fee for the conversion of foreign currency stated by your issued bank.
For transactions with the amount greater than 200,000 VND, if you need a VAT invoice, please fill out the information below on the "NOTE" section while completing the payment:
- Name of company:
- Company's address:
- Tax code:
The VAT E- invoice will be sent to your email after 3-5 working days from the date you received the order.

Should you have any questions regarding to Payment method, please kindly contact our Users relationship department.

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